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Machines Application

Injection molding machines products are widely used in our life, no matter for industrial or home use. The plastic products manufactured by injection molding machines are plastic parts for automotive, pallets, crates, fruit and vegetable baskets for transportation, trash can, and many common plastic parts we can see in our life. We have following series of machines for different products.

● High Speed Injection Molding Machine, it is specially designed for thin wall products, like disposable food containers, cups, cutlery etc. The high-response oil-electric SERVO system cooperates with linear slide rail to project a rigid support structure. With the fast and stable injection quality, the machine can use lower cost raw material or the same raw material to have more products, thus improve the profitability.

● Specially designed injection molding machine for fruit and vegetable baskets, crates, and storage boxes etc.This series of machines are with patented basket pushing mechanism. It will save time and cost for our customers. Also with this function, it is full automatic, efficient and safe for workers during the function of the machine.

● Injection molding machine for oil, paint buckets. It is suitable for production of buckets from 1L to 30L. Buckets are widely used in the market, our ZOWEITE series for bucket machines with strengthen clamping system and quality special plasticizing screw. With the synchronous demolding control, our machines can shorten the molding cycle. Also it is with high precision, high response SERVO system, and high repeat accuracy.

● 2 Platen Injection molding machine for trash cans, pallets, car bumpers etc.The 2 platen structure on injection molding machines allows to reduce working area. And with large opening stroke, it is suitable for large products production. SERVO control of mold made it happen with stable running of the injection molding machines. Also the precise clamping force control can protect the mold effectively. Equipped with demoulding linkage to shorten the molding cycle.