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2 Platen Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers

ZOWEITE Injection Molding Machine is a manufacturer specializing in plastic injection molding machines, and has 30 years of production experience in the injection molding machine industry. Since its establishment, ZOWEITE injection molding machine has adhered to market-oriented, continuous innovation, actively explored domestic and foreign markets, and covered the global market. It has won a good reputation in the injection molding machine industry and has been highly recognized and trusted by customers. The ZOWEITE® 2 platen injection molding machine is a unique model in ZOWEITE, which is unique and outstanding.

ZOWEITE® 2 platen injection molding machine is a large machine in the injection molding machine industry. Two-board machines can make many plastic products, such as: trash cans suitable for environmental protection, medical treatment, and household use; plastic chairs; automobile bumpers and their accessories; plastic pallets and other products.The large modulus and pickup space of the 2 platen injection molding machine.

What are the advantages of a 2 platen injection molding machine compared to a 3 platen injection molding machine?
1.The 2 platen structure on injection molding machine allows to reduce the working area.
2.Precise clamping force control can protect the mold effectively
3.Large opening stroke, which is suitable for trash can molding
4.Servo control of mold to promise high-speed and stable running of the machines.
5.Equipped with demoulding linkage to shorten the molding cycle.
Two-platen injection molding machine products obtained ISO9001 and SGS certification. The spirit of ZOWEITE is “dedication, innovation, integrity, and win-win cooperation.”ZOWEITE  will provide machines, technologies and service to customers in plastic industry all over the word.ZOWEITE injection molding machine has its own factory and has agents in many places. Choosing us means choosing high speed, high output and high quality.
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