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ZOWEITE  injection molding machine is a professional injection molding machine manufacturer and injection molding machine supplier. We have 30 years in this industry and we have rich experience and technical personnel . ZOWEITE® is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of injection molding machines. We can provide the Turn-key project for customers, including plant design, mold, machine and auxiliary equipment. 

Relying on its strong R & D and design innovation ability and the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, ZOWEITE company produces and operates multiple series of special injection molding machines. At present, ZOWEITE factory aiming at the rapidly developing plastic products industries such as fruit and vegetable storage, auto parts industry, municipal waste recycling, catering and chemical liquid packaging, we have launched special machines for barrel making, special machines for fruit and vegetable baskets, high-speed machines for lunch boxes and two plate hydraulic machines in real time for customers, making a modest contribution to the energy-saving and low-carbon injection molding advocated by today's society and environment; Let customers obtain strong competitiveness and sustainable profitability. Continuously provide customers with personalized machines suitable for different products and requirements, and formulate technical solutions required by customers according to their different levels of needs.

ZOWEITE® Plastic injection molding machine is a common type. The clamping part and the injection part are on the same horizontal centerline, and the mold is opened along the horizontal direction. Its features are: low fuselage, easy to operate and maintain; The center of gravity of the machine is low and the installation is stable; After the products are ejected, they can fall automatically by gravity, which is easy to realize full-automatic operation. Most injection molding machines on the market adopt this type.Characteristics of horizontal injection molding machine:
1.That is, due to the low fuselage of the mainframe, there is no height limit for the plant.
2. The mold shall be installed by crane.
3. When multiple sets are arranged in parallel, the formed products are easy to be collected and packaged by the conveyor belt.
4. Where the product can fall automatically, automatic forming can be realized without using a manipulator.
5. Due to the low fuselage, convenient material supply and easy maintenance.
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We are professional in manufacturing Injection Molding Machine. ZOWEITE is one of the advanced Injection Molding Machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our high quality products are popular with people who want to get low price commodity made in china. We also have too many products that provide Quotations and Price List. You can rest assured to buy Easy-maintainable and 1 Year Warranty products from our factory.