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Bucket Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers

ZOWEITE injection molding machine Co.,Ltd. Is a well known manufacturer and supplier in China. We have many years of experience in the injection plastic machine industry. Our company has launched different types of injection molding machines according to the development of the industry and the needs of customers., including bucket injection molding machine, PET preform injection molding machine,etc.We can recommend the suitable machine according your requirements. We not only provide customers with injection molding machine technology, but also provide injection molding system solutions to helps customers gain advantages in the market competition. We pay attention to the specific needs of customers in different market segments, launch professional special injection molding solutions, and meet the requirements of customer efficiency, precision, energy saving and environment protection.

ZOWEITE® Bucket injection molding machine is an injection molding machine designed for the production of plastic bucket,suitable for lubricating oil bucket, coating bucket, chemical fertilizer bucket for other purposes of similar products injection molding. ZOWEITE bucket injection molding machine is mainly made of GF650. ZOWEITE bucket injection molding machine mainly includes GF650CEH and GF780CEH these two models. The GF650CEH bucket injection molding machine can produce 10L-20L plastic oil bucket, and the GF780CEH bucket injection molding machine can produce 18L-35L plastic bucket. We can recommend the suitable machine based on the size, weight and production of bucket the customer wants to produce. ZOWEITE bucket injection molding machine equipped with special plastic system, more efficient color mixing; Eye detection automatic barrel system, can achieve automatic production to save time and ensure production safety ; high pressure and high speed shooting , make the bucket injection molding machine more suitable for the production of thin wall products, reduce the production cost for customers; ZOWEITE bucket injection molding machine is also equipped with open mode linkage top action, while the oil bucket is removed, shorten the product molding cycle, improve the customer production output.

ZOWEITE injection molding machine company integrates research and development, production, and sales service, and has obtained the SGS/ISO certificate. The cycle of the plastic bucket injection molding machine about 30-40 seconds. According to the product weight and size, the cycle of the machine will have some difference. We can provide Turn-key project for customers, including injection molding machine, mold, auxiliary equipment and plant design. 
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We are professional in manufacturing Bucket Injection Molding Machine. ZOWEITE is one of the advanced Bucket Injection Molding Machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our high quality products are popular with people who want to get low price commodity made in china. We also have too many products that provide Quotations and Price List. You can rest assured to buy Easy-maintainable and 1 Year Warranty products from our factory.