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Preform Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers

ZOWEITE is a high teach enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of injection molding machines. ZOWEITE injection molding machines have 30 years of production experience in the production of injection molding machines, covering the global market. The use of plastics in life is increasing, especially the use of disposable plastic bottles. The ZOWEITE® preform injection molding machine is developed with the filling of mineral water, purified water, and carbonated beverages. With the expansion of the application range of preforms , Put forward higher requirements for the preform injection molding machine. This requires a very professional machine preform injection molding machine for production.

ZOWEITE® Preform injection molding machine is a machine specially used to produce plastic preforms. At present, preform is widely used in container packaging for beverages, purified water, candy, biscuits, edible oil, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and cleaning products. 
The characteristics of the preform injection molding machine: 
1. The preform injection molding machine has a wide range of molds, which can be used to produce all kinds of preforms.
2. The product is complete, and can provide automatic peripheral equipment such as dehumidification , drying, material extraction, freezing, molds, hot runners, etc.
3. It has a special injection structure and a special screw for the preform injection molding machine
4. Using PID temperature control

Preform injection molding machine products have passed ISO9001 certification. We provide turnkey projects; including factory design, the entire production line, mold and machine installation, and worker training. Help customers gain an advantage in market competition.For the machine preform injection molding machine, we have a one-year warranty period. Choosing us is equivalent to choosing high output, high speed and high quality.

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