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The injection molding machine has been shut down for a long time, precautions before starting up


When the injection molding machine has been shut down for a period of time, some precautions need to be taken before starting up to ensure the normal operation of the machine and avoid potential problems. 

Here are some suggestions:

1. External inspection: Before starting the machine, carefully check whether there is any abnormality on the outside of the injection molding machine, including whether there are sundries, dust or foreign objects blocked. Clean the surface of the machine to ensure that the surrounding environment is clean and tidy.
2. Lubrication inspection: Check the lubrication system to ensure sufficient supply of lubricating oil or grease. Add or change lubricant if necessary.
3. Cooling system: Check the cooling system to ensure that the cooling water supply is normal, the cooling water channel is not blocked, and the water temperature is within the appropriate range.
4. Electrical system: Check the electrical system to ensure that all cables are well connected and that electrical equipment is not damaged or abnormal.
5. Heating system: If the injection molding machine uses the heating cylinder heating method, ensure that the heater works normally and the temperature controller is accurate and reliable.
6. Mold Inspection: Check that the mold is clean and not damaged or worn. Carry out mold maintenance and maintenance as needed.
7. Operator training: Make sure that the operator has received relevant training and understands the correct operation method and safety precautions of the injection molding machine.
8. Preheating: Before starting the machine, perform a preheating operation. Depending on the machine model and material type, perform an appropriate warm-up time to ensure that the machine and mold reach the proper working temperature.
9. Trial production: carry out trial production before formally putting into production. First conduct small batch trial production, check product quality and machine operation, and then gradually increase production after making sure everything is normal.

10. Recording and monitoring: After starting up, record the operating parameters and production data of the injection molding machine in time, and keep the equipment operation log for monitoring and timely discovery of potential problems.

Please note that the above recommendations are for conventional injection molding machines, actual operation may vary with different models and manufacturers of injection molding machines. It is best to refer to the operating manual of the injection molding machine and follow the specific instructions and safe operating procedures provided by the manufacturer before starting the operation. If you are not sure about the operation steps or encounter problems, it is best to consult professional technicians for help. As a well-known manufacturer and supplier of injection molding machines in China, ZOWEITE ® is willing to give you professional guidance and suggestions.

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