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Cause and treatment of hydraulic fragmentary leakage of injection molding machine


Hydraulic fluid is an important component in injection molding machines, used to power the movement of the mold and provide pressure to inject material into the mold.  However, when the hydraulic system is not functioning properly, it can lead to fragmentary leakage in the hydraulic system.  Fragmentary leakage refers to the situation where the hydraulic system is leaking at various points, which can lead to decreased efficiency, reduced machine performance, and even damage to the machine over time.  In this article, we will explore the causes and treatment of hydraulic fragmentary leakage in injection molding machines.

Causes of Hydraulic Fragmentary Leakage

·Wear and Tear


·Improper Maintenance

·High Temperature

Treatment of Hydraulic Fragmentary Leakage

Regular Maintenance

The best way to prevent hydraulic fragmentary leakage is by conducting regular maintenance of the hydraulic system.  This includes cleaning the system and replacing worn out or damaged components such as O-rings, seals, and fittings.


When fragmentary leakage is noticed, it is crucial to troubleshoot the hydraulic system and determine the source of the leak.  This can be done by checking the entire hydraulic system for signs of wear and tear or locating specific areas where fragments of fluid are leaking.

Cleaning the System

If the hydraulic system is clogged, it is crucial to clean it to eliminate any blockages or contaminants.  This can be done by flushing the system with clean hydraulic fluid or replacing the hydraulic fluid entirely.

Temperature Control

Maintaining the optimal operating temperature of the hydraulic system can prevent the degradation of the O-rings or seals, and thereby prevent fragmentary leakage.  This can be achieved by maintaining a clean system and avoiding prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

In conclusion, hydraulic fragmentary leakage in injection molding machines can cause significant issues with their functionality and overall performance.  It is important to take measures such as regular maintenance, troubleshooting, and cleaning to address any potential causes of hydraulic fragmentary leakage, and ensure the optimal performance and efficiency of the injection molding machine.

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