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Injection molding machine injection quantity is not stable how to do?


When the injection quantity of an injection molding machine is not stable, it can cause problems such as uneven product quality, unstable product weight, and processing problems.  Here are some potential causes of this issue and suggested solutions:

Injection screw wear:

If the injection screw is worn or damaged, it may not fit tightly in the barrel, leading to unstable injection quantity.  Inspect the injection screw for wear or damage and replace it if necessary.

Injection speed too fast:

Sometimes injection speed can be too fast, causing unstable injection quantity.  To fix this issue, decrease the injection speed.  This can be done by adjusting the control settings on the injection molding machine or by changing the design of the product to allow for a slower injection speed.

Injection pressure too high:

Injection pressure that is too high can also cause unstable injection quantity.  To resolve this, decrease the injection pressure or adjust the control settings on the injection molding machine.  Adjusting the holding pressure may also help reduce the injection pressure and stabilize injection quantity.

Injection temperature instability:

If the injection temperature is not stable, the plastic material may not melt evenly, leading to unstable injection quantity.  Check the temperature settings on the injection molding machine and make any necessary adjustments.

Plastic material quality:

If the plastic material used for injection molding is of low quality, it can lead to unstable injection quantity.  Use high-quality plastic material with consistent melting point and viscosity to ensure stable injection quantity.

Injection molding machine maintenance:

Irregular maintenance can also cause unstable injection quantity.  Clean the injection molding machine regularly and lubricate it as needed.  Check the machine components, such as the nozzle and barrel, for wear and damage and replace them as necessary.  Proper maintenance will help ensure that the injection molding machine is functioning properly and allow for consistent injection quantity.

Unstable injection quantity is a common problem with injection molding machines that can lead to a variety of unwanted issues.  Troubleshooting the root cause of this problem may require several steps, including inspecting machine components, adjusting settings, and replacing worn or damaged parts.  Regular maintenance and proper use of high-quality plastic materials are also essential to ensuring stable injection quantity and achieving high-quality molded products.

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