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Injection mold hot runner technical knowledge


Injection mold hot runners are an essential component for the efficient production of plastic parts. In this article, we will discuss the technical knowledge required for a better understanding of hot runner systems.

Hot runner systems are designed to keep the flow channels between the nozzle tip and mold cavity hot when the plastic material is injected. This is accomplished by heating the hot runner manifold and nozzles using electrical resistance heating, hot oil or steam. The heating system is typically controlled through a temperature controller, which ensures that the required temperature is maintained to deliver consistent quality and dimensional accuracy in the manufactured parts.

There are different types of hot runner systems that vary in design and function. However, all hot runners only come in two forms, valve-gated and open-gated. An open-gated system allows plastic material to flow freely into the mold cavity, while a valve-gated system uses a mechanical device to control the opening and closing of the gate. Valve-gated systems are commonly used in the injection molding of high-precision parts, which requires precise control of the flow of material.

The choice of hot runner systems depends on the type of plastic material, part design, and manufacturing requirements. A general rule is to use valve-gated hot runners for high-precision and high-value parts production and open-gated hot runner systems for mass production of simpler parts.

Furthermore, another critical consideration when using hot runner systems is the type of molten plastic delivery system. There are two types of delivery systems: externally heated and internally heated. Externally heated systems heat the plastic material outside the hot runner using a heater band, while internally heated systems use a heating element embedded into the machine nozzle. The choice of the delivery system depends on the type of hot runner system and the requirements of the production process.

In conclusion, injection mold hot runner systems are essential for efficient and high-quality plastic parts production. This article has discussed the technical knowledge required for a better understanding of hot runner systems. Choosing the correct hot runner system, valve-gated or open-gated, considering the molten plastic delivery system, and selecting the appropriate temperature control system is crucial for a successful injection molding process.

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