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Some preventive measures to reduce the failure of injection molding machine


Injection molding machines are essential in the production of plastic parts and products.  However, these machines can experience failures that can lead to downtime, lost productivity and costly repairs.  Here are some preventive measures that can help reduce the likelihood of injection molding machine failure.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial in ensuring that injection molding machines are running optimally.  It is recommended to follow a maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer.  Some of the maintenance tasks include checking the fluid levels, cleaning the machine, and inspecting the various components like the heater bands, nozzle, and the barrel.

Inspection of screws and barrels

The screws and barrels in an injection molding machine are responsible for melting and injecting the plastic resin into the mold.  However, these components can wear out over time, compromising the quality of the end product.

Temperature control

Temperature control is critical in preventing injection molding machine failure.  The temperature settings should be checked regularly using a thermometer to ensure they are consistent with the settings programmed in the machine's controller.  If there are any discrepancies, adjustments should be made to ensure that the temperature is within the recommended range.

Proper material handling

Improper material handling can lead to machine failure and affect product quality.  It is essential to store the plastic resin in a cool and dry environment to avoid moisture buildup that can cause the material to degrade.  Additionally, using the correct feeder and loading systems will prevent any contamination of the resin with foreign materials.

Operator training

Training operators on how to operate and maintain an injection molding machine is crucial in preventing machine failures.  Operators need to understand the importance of temperature control, proper material handling, and regular maintenance.  Additionally, they need to learn the warning signs of possible issues and how to take corrective actions.

Injection molding machine failures can be costly and time-consuming to repair.  Regular maintenance, inspection of screws and barrels, temperature control, proper material handling, and operator training can help prevent these failures from happening.  By implementing these preventive measures, companies can ensure that their injection molding machines are operating optimally, producing high-quality products, and saving costs associated with downtime and repairs.

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