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How to solve the deformation of injection molding products?


Tianjin Yihe Zhongwei (ZOWEITE) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is an expert in producing high-precision, stable performance, and energy-efficient injection molding machines.  Having produced your injection molding product, the last thing you want is to see it deflated or deformed. In this article, we will identify some of the reasons injection molding products deform and provide practical tips on how to solve these problems.

Reasons for Deformation


When injection molding products are overheated, they have a high likelihood of getting deformed.  Overheating happens because of saturating excessive plastic in the mold or prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Uneven plastic distribution:

Uneven plastic distribution is a common reason why injection molding products become deformed.  If the mold isn’t filled up uniformly, the resulting product will not be uniform, increasing its chances of deformation.

Poor cooling and venting:

Poor cooling and venting can cause deformation in your injection molding products.  When a mold is inadequately cooled, it results in non-uniform solidification and stress build-up, leading to deformation.  Poor venting also results in compressed air entrapment and weakened mechanical strength.

How to solve deformation

Heating zone overheating:

To solve the problem of overheating, ensure that you balance the heating zone temperature to avoid hotspots in the mold material.  You can balance the temperature by regulating the machine parameters accurately.

Address uneven plastic distribution:

You can solve the problem of uneven plastic distribution by analyzing and predicting the flow of plastic during the molding process.  Use special filling software to simulate the filling process and get an idea of mold compensation.  This way, injection molding machines can compensate for manufacturing parts, improving their quality.

Address poor cooling and venting:

To ensure proper cooling, install cooling channels internally.  Enhancing the cooling system will help in reducing cycle time, thereby creating parts faster and more efficiently.  To address poor venting, incorporate shear edges onto the mold for the trapped air to escape during the filling process, ensuring your plastic product has structural integrity.

Deformation of injection molding products is a common problem that often arises due to overheating, uneven plastic distribution, and poor cooling and venting.  By implementing the tips shared in this article, we hope you can produce quality injection molding products that are free from deformation.  Remember to consult professionals to get a better understanding of the process and to get quality equipment where necessary.  At ZOWEITE, we provide high-quality injection molding machines to make sure you get the best products.  Contact us today for more information.

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