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How should the injection molding machine be treated after being flooded


After a flood, many businesses are left wondering what steps they should take to recover.     For plastic injection molding machine manufacturers like Tianjin Yihe Zhongwei (ZOWEITE) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, it is crucial to take proper care of their equipment to prevent further damage and ensure their longevity.

In the event of a flood, it is essential to follow the steps outlined below to preserve and restore your injection molding machine.

1.Assess the Damage: Begin by examining the extent of the damage to your injection molding machine.Identify affected areas and determine what equipment needs repair.

2.Disconnect Power: Before repairing any machinery, ensure that all power to the injection molding machine is disconnected.This will prevent electrical shock, which can lead to further damage.

3.Clean the Equipment: Use a portable cleaning solution to remove any mold and mildew from your equipment.Make sure to wear protective clothing and eyewear during this process.

4.Dry the Equipment: Using a dehumidifier, dry your injection molding machine thoroughly.     Never use heat lamps, as they can cause warping and damage to the plastic injection molding machine.

5.Lubricate the Components: After cleaning and drying, it is crucial to lubricate the components of your injection molding machine.This step ensures that all parts move smoothly and efficiently, preventing further damage to the equipment.

6.Test the Machine: After completing the above steps, conduct a full test of your injection molding machine.Ensure that it operates smoothly and that all issues are resolved.

A flood can cause significant damage to injection molding machines, which can be expensive to repair and replace.By following these steps outlined above, you can restore your equipment and ensure that it is ready to continue being used in the long term.

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