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Injection molding machine temperature is too high treatment method


Injection molding machines are crucial in the manufacturing industry, producing a wide range of products from plastic toys to automobile parts.  However, these machines can experience temperature issues, particularly when they become too hot.  If not dealt with immediately, the temperature problem can lead to production downtime and even damage to the machine.  In this article, we will discuss the treatment methods for injection molding machine temperature that is too high.

First, it is essential to recognize the signs when the injection molding machine temperature is too high.  The primary indication is the increase in the machine's barrel temperature, which can cause damage to the plastic resin or polymer being molded.  The high temperature can also lead to an increase in the cooling time of the finished product, resulting in a decrease in the production efficiency.

The solution to this problem is to determine what is causing the high temperature.  One of the common causes is blockage in the machine's cooling system, which can lead to increased temperatures.  To solve this, ensure that the cooling system is unblocked and that there is adequate water flow through the pipe.  Check for leaks or damage in the cooling system and replace any faulty components.

Another solution is to check the machine's temperature control system, which is responsible for regulating the temperature of the injection molding process.  A faulty temperature control system can cause the machine to overheat, leading to reduced efficiency.  It is essential to regularly monitor the temperature control system and carry out maintenance activities such as cleaning, lubrication, and repairs to ensure optimal machine performance.

Operators should also check that the processing parameters are correct.  The incorrect processing parameters can lead to high barrel temperatures which in turn lead to finished products with deformation or warping issues.  Ensure that you are using the correct resin, percentage of colorant, injection pressure, injection speed, and mold temperature.

Additionally, ensure that the machine's environment is proper.  External factors can contribute to the machine's high temperature, such as high-temperature surroundings.  Ensure that the molding environment is well ventilated, and there is no direct sunlight on the machine.

In conclusion, high temperature in injection molding machines can lead to a reduction in production efficiency and even machine damage if not resolved immediately.  Proper machine maintenance, regular cleaning and lubrication, correct processing parameters, and a conducive environment are some of the essential ways to keep the injection molding machine temperature in check.

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