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Safe operation of injection molding machine


As a large-scale electromechanical equipment, injection molding machine has many action mechanisms and strong and weak current. During production, in addition to ensuring the production of qualified products, the safety of personnel and equipment must also be guaranteed, and the operation preparation and operation must be carried out in accordance with the safe operation specifications.

1: Wear the safety protective clothing of the workshop before work.

2: No articles irrelevant to production shall be stored around the equipment. Keep the passage clear.

3: No sundries are allowed inside and outside the workbench and equipment. If any, wipe it with rags.

4: Each control switch, button, electrical circuit and operating handle of the equipment shall be free of damage or failure. If there is any problem, it shall be replaced immediately. It shall not be started without authorization before replacement.

5: The safety protection devices of all parts of the equipment shall be intact, sensitive and reliable, the emergency stop shall be effective and reliable, the safety door shall slide flexibly, and the limit switch can be touched when opening and closing, otherwise it shall be adjusted immediately.

6: The safety protection devices of all parts of the equipment, such as mechanical locking rod, stiffening plate and safety protection switches, shall not be moved casually, nor shall they be modified or deliberately disabled.

7: Bolts at all parts of the equipment shall be screwed vertically without looseness; Any abnormal or damaged parts shall be repaired.

8: Each cooling water pipeline shall be supplied with water on a trial basis to check whether the water flow is smooth, whether there is blockage or leakage. If there is any problem, it shall be repaired immediately.

9: There shall be no foreign matters in the hopper, no articles shall be stored above the hopper, and the hopper cover shall be covered to prevent dust and sundries from falling into the hopper.

10: Leakage of power switch and other equipment is strictly prohibited.

11: It must be preheated. The barrel and mold shall be preheated according to the set process temperature requirements. When the barrel temperature reaches the process temperature, it must be kept warm for more than 20 minutes to ensure that the temperature of all parts of the barrel is uniform before operation.

12: Cooling must be on. Oil cooler, cooling water valve, oil return and water delivery pipe must be cooled; Jog and start the oil pump, and listen to the sound of the motor running evenly and smoothly. If there is a harsh "buzzing" sound or it is difficult to start, turn off the power immediately and check whether the circuit is disconnected, poor contact, phase loss or bearing and coupling are damaged. The oil pump can be started only after it is repaired to be normal. The hydraulic pump will not operate until "motor on" is displayed on the screen.

13: The operator must use the safety door. If the travel switch of the safety door fails, it is not allowed to start the machine. It is strictly prohibited to operate without using the safety door (cover).

14: After the material pipe temperature is normal, manually start the screw rotation, and the screw rotation sound is normal and stuck.

15: All kinds of cover plates and protective covers of electrical, hydraulic and rotating parts of operating equipment shall be covered and fixed.

16: Non on duty operators are not allowed to press buttons and handles without permission. Two or more people are not allowed to operate the same injection molding machine at the same time.

17: When placing the mold, the insert shall be stable, accurate and reliable. In case of any abnormality during mold closing, stop the machine immediately and notify relevant personnel to eliminate the fault.

18: When repairing the machine or cleaning the mold for a long time (more than 10 minutes), be sure to retract the injection seat first to make the injection nozzle leave the mold. If there are easily degradable heat sensitive plastics such as PVC in the material pipe, it shall be thoroughly cleaned with PS or PP material. Turn off the chilled water or mold temperature machine. Turn off the power again.

19: During machine maintenance, hang warning signs: during maintenance, irrelevant personnel shall not approach or start during maintenance.

20: No one is allowed to start the motor when someone is handling the machine or mold county.

21: the power supply must be cut off when the body enters the machine tool.

22: avoid hitting the fixed mold with the injection seat when the mold is opened to prevent the fixed mold from falling off.

23: during air injection, pay attention to prevent splashing, and irrelevant personnel are not allowed to watch. The operator shall not face the nozzle. Do not directly clean the nozzle or hot rubber head by hand. Use copper or aluminum rod to avoid scalding for a long time.

24: there is high temperature, high voltage and high power in the working process of the glue melting cylinder. It is strictly prohibited to step on, climb and put objects on the glue melting cylinder to prevent scald, electric shock and fire.

25: in case of abnormal noise, peculiar smell, spark, oil leakage and other abnormalities during the operation of the injection molding machine, it shall be shut down immediately and reported to relevant personnel, and the fault phenomenon and possible causes shall be explained.

26: it is not allowed to do operations that may cause personal injury or damage to the equipment for any reason or excuse.