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Weekly routine inspection and maintenance of injection molding machines


1. Thread tightening of molds and moving parts. All critical threaded connections should be retightened at least weekly. For general threaded connections, looseness should be found at any time, and tightening should be found at any time.

2. Tighten the limit switch bolts. To ensure the reliability of the injection molding machine operation, the limit switch bolts or screws should be tightened at least once a week. Typically, limit switches are often bumped during operation, which can cause bolts to loosen or fall off.

3. Check the cooler. The working temperature of hydraulic oil for injection molding machines is usually 45 to 50 degrees, because the hydraulic system design is based on the viscosity of some hydraulic oil, and the viscosity and oil temperature will change, and then affect the elements in the working system (hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic valve, etc.), so that the control accuracy and response sensitivity are reduced. The temperature of the hydraulic oil can be controlled by the oil cooler, and the cooling effect is controlled by checking the flow of water in the oil cooler. Check cooler control valves and fittings weekly for leaks.

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