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Three advantage of servo in injection molding machine


The servo energy-saving series injection molding machine is equipped with a high-performance servo variable speed power control system. During the molding process of the injection molding machine, different frequency outputs are produced for different pressure flows,and the pressure flow is accurately closed-loop controlled to realize the servo motor. High-Speed response and optimal matching and automatic adjustment of energy requirements of injection molding machines. In the injection molding machine servo has the following three advantages:

Power saving: Since the servo motor of the servo injection molding machine is changed according to the needs, unlike the three-phase AC asynchronous motor, the speed and torque are unchanged, and the output power of the motor=torque*speed , so the effect of power saving is achieved, which is obvious. In addition, the magnetic field in the servo motor is generated by the strong magnetic material;  while the magnetic filed of the AC asynchronous mtor is generated by the alternating current passing through the stator of the motor, which consumes electric energy(estimated about 10%). Therefore, power saving is the characteristic of servo inejction molding machine.

Precision: Since the servo injection molding machine adopts a pressure sensor, the control system makes real-time control through the continuous feedback signal of the pressure sensor, so that the pressure and flow required at each stage can be realized quickly and accurately. Double closed-loop control is realized. The repeatability of the product  is improved. The traditional injection molding machine is open-loop control, and the accuracy is much lower.

The injection molding machine is the main production equipment in the plastics industry,and the waste of electric energy is serious. Due to the high price of electricity, the electricity fee occupies a considerable proportion in the production cost of enterprises, and has become an important factor that seriously affects the production efficiency of enterprises. With the intensification of market competition, various enterprises are taking various energy-saving and consumption-reducing measures and strive to reduce production costs in order to improve market competition, and can be customized according to the motor power, motor speed, oil pump displacement and system pressure of the user's injection molding machine. Products that meet all specifications equipment.

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