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Injection molding machine manufacturers talk about the maintenance and repair of injection molding machines?


Injection molding machine repair and maintenance:
1. Check whether the running mold is in normal state: whether there is low-voltage mold clamping protection; whether the movable parts such as guide posts, ejector pins, and rows are worn, and whether the lubrication is good? It is required to refuel at least 12 hours, and the number of refueling should be increased for special structures. Whether the screws and clamping clamps of the fixed template of the mold are loose; normal production conditions: check whether the defects of the product are related to the mold; when the machine is off, check the mold and perform anti-rust treatment: dry the cavity, core, ejection Moisture in parts such as mechanism and row position and spray mold rust inhibitor or apply butter. The molds after getting off the machine should be placed in the designated place and recorded: (1) Mold condition: intact or to be repaired. (2) Anti-rust treatment method when lowering the mold.
2. Quarterly routine inspection of the injection molding machine: mainly to clean and maintain the molds that have not been used for more than two months.
(1) Open the mold and check the internal anti-rust effect. If there is an abnormal situation, the anti-rust treatment must be carried out again. The mold that has not been used for a long time must be coated with butter.
(2) Put it back in place and make a record.
3, injection molding machine maintenance precautions:
(1). Non-professional maintenance personnel or without the permission of professional maintenance personnel, do not disassemble the mold for maintenance.
(2). If there is a small fault in the production process, the dispatcher can solve it according to the situation. Such as: 2.1 Adhesive mold at the inlet: use a copper needle to knock out at the feed nozzle, and do not use a hard object such as a steel needle to beat the mold. 2.2 There are slight mold marks in the cavity, and the polishing material can be selected according to the smoothness of the cavity. Polishing materials such as sandpaper cannot be used for the textured surface. Generally, a copper brush dipped in diamond paste or diamond paste is used for brushing, which is completed by professional maintenance personnel. 2.3 Product sticking to the mold: Generally, the product and the ejection part are covered with hot plastic, and then ejected after cooling. Be careful not to damage the surface of the mold if you burn it with fire.
(3). When the professional repairs the mold, it is not allowed to change the structure at will, and the change of the structure must be approved by the quality engineering department.
(4). Guarantee the quality of maintenance, select appropriate equipment, materials, tools and methods to solve problems, and complete them quickly.
4. Quality record:
1. Injection molding machine and mold maintenance record sheet.
Purpose: To standardize the use and maintenance of plastic injection molds, reduce mold damage, and ensure that product quality meets customer needs.

Responsibilities: This standard requires qualified injection molding technicians through training. 2.2 The injection molding foreman is responsible for the implementation, inspection and supervision, and the supervisor regularly supervises.

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