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Injection molding machine injection safety operation rules


1. Before working, you must wear work clothes, work caps, work shoes, gloves, masks and other labor protection articles.
2. Check whether the raw materials are qualified, whether the various mechanisms and safety doors of the injection molding machine equipment are normal, and whether there are electric leakage, oil leakage, water leakage, etc.
3. Keep the equipment well lubricated and tidy up the surrounding working environment.
4. You are not allowed to work after wearing slippers, sandals or drinking alcohol. Work with a certificate, and work without a certificate is strictly prohibited.
5. The safety door must be used during operation. If there is no protective cover or the safety door fails, it is not allowed to start the machine, and it is strictly forbidden to operate without the safety door.
6. Do not talk while operating, or desert your thoughts, chat, laugh and play, smoke and doze off, etc.
7. Anyone who is not an operator on duty should not press the handles and buttons without permission.
8. When placing molds and inserts, they should be stable, accurate and reliable. If any abnormality is found during the mold clamping process, stop the machine immediately to eliminate the fault.
9. When overhauling the machine or mold, the power must be cut off. Soft metal materials such as copper should be used when cleaning the scrap in the mold.
10. When the body enters the mold opening gear, be sure to stop the machine. When the maintenance personnel of the injection molding machine repair the machine, the operator is not allowed to leave the post.
11. When injecting into the air, the operator must not directly clean the outflowing molten material by hand, let alone align the head with the nozzle mouth to avoid accidents.

12. When you leave the work position, you must stop the machine. After the shutdown, you need to return all the selector switches to the zero position, stop the oil pump, cut off the power supply, turn off the cooling water, and clean up the surrounding environment.

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