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Causes and treatment of hydraulic system leakage of injection molding machine


There may be many reasons for the leakage of the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine. 

The following are some common reasons and treatment methods:

1. Aging or damage to the seals: The seals in the hydraulic system will age over time, or be damaged by excessive pressure and wear during work. The solution is to replace damaged seals.
2. Loose connecting parts: The connecting parts of the hydraulic system, such as threaded joints, connectors, etc., may cause leakage if they are not tightened properly. Check and retighten these connecting parts.
3. Oil pipe wear: The hydraulic oil pipe may wear out during long-term use, especially at the friction surface. Replacing a worn oil line can fix the leak.
4. Hydraulic pump seal failure: The hydraulic pump is one of the key components of the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine. If the seal of the pump fails, it will cause leakage between the pump body and the pump shaft. Repair or replace hydraulic pump seals.
5. Improper pressure setting: If the pressure of the hydraulic system is set too high, it may cause leakage of pipelines and joints. Check and adjust hydraulic system pressure settings.
6. Fuel tank ventilation problem: If the vent hole of the hydraulic system fuel tank is blocked, it will increase the air pressure and cause leakage. Clean or replace the tank breather.
7. Faulty hydraulic valves: Damaged or stuck valves in a hydraulic system can cause incorrect oil flow control and leaks. Repair or replace faulty hydraulic valves.
8. Overload operation: Long-term overload operation will cause the hydraulic system to overheat and leak. Avoid overload operation and ensure that the hydraulic system operates within the design load range.
9. Pollutants enter the system: If any pollutants enter the hydraulic system, it will damage the seals and valves, causing leakage. Check and change the hydraulic oil regularly and make sure the system is kept clean.

When dealing with hydraulic system leakage, it is necessary to eliminate potential safety hazards, stop the machine and cut off the power supply. Then, check one by one according to the cause of the leakage, and repair or replace the damaged parts. For some more complicated faults, it may be necessary to seek help from professional technicians. At the same time, regular maintenance of the hydraulic system, keeping the system clean, and paying attention to operating specifications can effectively prevent leakage problems.

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