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Injection molding machine screw slipping abnormally, how to deal with it?


When the screw of the injection molding machine makes noise and slips, it may indicate some problems. 

The following are the steps to deal with the abnormal noise and slippage of the screw of the injection molding machine:

1. Stop immediately: First, stop the operation of the injection molding machine immediately, cut off the power supply, and ensure safe operation to prevent further damage and safety accidents.
2. Check for foreign matter and contamination: Check the screw feed area for foreign matter, contamination or other debris. These substances may cause the screw to seize or slip and cause abnormal noise.
3. Lubrication system inspection: Make sure the lubrication system is working properly. Check the quality of lubricating oil and whether the oil level meets the requirements. Insufficient lubrication can cause the screw to run poorly.
4. Screw wear inspection: Check the screw surface for obvious wear or damage. A worn screw may need repair or replacement.
5. Temperature control: During the injection molding process, ensure a suitable temperature range to ensure that the screw works normally. Check the heating system and temperature control equipment to make sure they are functioning properly.
6. Adjust pressure and speed: Check the pressure and speed settings of the injection molding machine to ensure that they are within the appropriate range to avoid screw problems caused by too high or too low operation.
7. Lubrication and cleaning: If no obvious damage or problems are found, try to lubricate and clean. Use an appropriate lubricant and make sure the screw and its surroundings are clean and free of debris.
8. Professional maintenance: If the above steps cannot solve the problem, or you are not familiar with maintenance, it is best to ask professional injection molding machine maintenance personnel to check and repair.

Note that safety is paramount when dealing with injection molding machine issues. If you're not familiar with the repair process, it's best to call in a professional to avoid further damage to the device or personal injury.

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