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How to solve the mold locking problem of oil drum injection molding machine


The mold locking problem refers to the phenomenon that the mold (the mold of the oil barrel) cannot be completely closed or cannot be kept closed during the injection molding process of the injection molding machine, resulting in the phenomenon that the plastic part cannot be formed or the molding is incomplete. Solving the mode-locking problem requires a comprehensive consideration of several factors. 

Here are some suggestions:

1. Check the mold and injection molding machine: First, make sure the mold and injection molding machine are in good running condition. Check the mold for damage or deformation to ensure the accuracy and sealing of the mold. At the same time, check whether the hydraulic system, clamping mechanism and transmission of the injection molding machine are normal to ensure that the injection molding machine can run stably.

2. Adjust the injection molding process parameters: Reasonable adjustment of the injection molding process parameters can improve the clamping situation. For example, adjust parameters such as injection pressure, injection speed, holding time, and holding pressure to ensure that the plastic material can fully fill the mold and shrink steadily during cooling to maintain the closed state of the mold.

3. Check the plastic material: Make sure the quality of the plastic material used meets the requirements. Sometimes, using low-quality or unsuitable plastic materials can cause problems during molding.

4. Mold Care and Maintenance: Regular care and maintenance of the mold is important. Cleaning molds, repairing damage, and lubricating mold components can help prolong mold life and maintain mold health.

5. Check the cooling system: The cooling system of the mold is also very critical to keep the mold closed. Make sure that the cooling system is unobstructed, and the cooling water can effectively cool the mold and prevent the mold from overheating and deformation.

6. Mold design optimization: In some cases, there may be problems with the mold design, resulting in difficulty in mold clamping. If the mold clamping problem often occurs, you can consider optimizing the mold design and improving the structure and size of the mold.

7. Seek professional help: If you encounter difficulties in solving mold clamping problems, you can seek help from professional injection molding engineers or technicians. They have a wealth of experience and can help you find the problem and provide an effective solution.

In general, to solve the mold locking problem of injection molding machines, it is necessary to consider multiple aspects comprehensively, starting from the machine, mold, material and process, so as to ensure that the injection molding process can go smoothly and obtain good molding results.

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