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Plastic lunch box injection molding machine


How to deal with the plastic lunch box injection molding machine after being flooded?

Because the plastic lunch box injection molding machine has a low body, it has the characteristics of convenient feeding and easy maintenance. It is an industrial machine product used for the production of plastic products. As we all konw, the plastic lunch box injection molding machine after being fiooded not only deteriorates in performance, but also its components cannot be used.

1.Eletrical control part:

After the electrial part enters the water, it will cause rust and corrosion of various electrical components of the plastic lunch box injection molding machine and reduce the insulation performance.  Generally follow the steps below:

(1)Disconnect all power.

(2)Remove the battery on the main board of the I/O computer within a short period of time after entering the water(it is recommended that customers operate in time) because the individual components of the I/O board are still powered on when the battery is not removed. This will accelerate the rust and corrosion of these components of the injection molding machine, which will increase the difficulty and maintenance cost of component maintenance.

(3)Remove the electrical components in the entire electrical box(operated by service personnel) and clean with alcohol. If necessary, disassemble and clean the parts, including I/O board, 24V power supply, 5V power supply, transformer, AC contactor, air fast off, axial fans, etc.

(4)Dry, use the on- site drying hopper to fully dry all compontens, and put the decomposed and cleand components into the drying hopper in layers. The drying temperature is 50-70℃,and the drying time is 8-10 hours. Test its insulation resistance Whether the value meets the requirements (generally measured with 200k file), judge whether it is completely dry.Power on the completely dry electrical components for inspection (operated by service personnel), and can only be installed and used after the inspection is complete. 

2. Hydraulic part:

(1) The oil pump of the plastic lunch box injection molding machine cannot be turned on, because the water entering the hydraulic oil after the motor is turned on may enter the hydraulic pipeline system of the machine, causing the metal hydraulic components to corrode.

(2) Check whether the hydraulic oil of the plastic lunch box injection molding machine is water. Open the plug at the bottom of the fuel tank on the rack, release a small amount of oil, and ignite a little with a piece of paper. If the fire cannot be ignited and there is a crackling sound during the combustion process, it means that there is water in the hydraulic oil, and all the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced. (You can also use anhydrous copper sulfate to test whether it will turn blue, and if it turns blue, it means water.)

If the oil contains water, the hydraulic oil in the tank needs to be replaced. Wipe the tank with a clean cloth before changing the oil.

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