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Injection molding machine manipulator


What is the purpose of using the injection molding machine manipulator:

The competition in the injection molding industry is becoming increasingly fierce. The quality and efficiency of injection molding are related to the life and death of the enterprise. The quality of injection molding is related to the performance of the injection molding machine itself, the mold process and the surrounding environment, and the efficiency is related to the accuracy of the mold, molding process and production quantity. With the increasing shortage of injection molding machine operators and the increase in labor production costs, the application of injection molding machine take out robots has become more and more extensive. 

The aplication of plastic molding automation is very common, and the manipulator is mainly used for thr following purposes during the application process:

1.The manipulator takes out the product in the nold, replacing the labor, and changing from the original semi-automatic production to fully automatic production.

2.Products outside the manipulator mold, products embedded in the mold(labels, embedded metal, secondary molding,etc.

3.After removing the manipulator, it will be automatically packaged and stored

4.Automatic feeding system for molding raw materials and waste recyling system.

5.The whole factory production control system,etc.

Due to the unnecessary use of molded products, its automation application is also complicated, because it can replace low labor efficiency and ensure that the molded  product process is more and more widely used. Injection molding machine take-out manipulators are widely used in the field of injection molding automation.

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