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How to choose high speed thin wall injection molding machine?


High speed thin wall injection molding machine can inject all kinds of food containers, milk tea cups, sauce caps, yogurt caps, spoon, knife, fork, etc, which can be widely used in food packing industry. High speed thin wall injection molding machine adopts high response hydraulic servo system and linear slide rail injection guide structure, it is more precise and accurate.

How to choose high speed thin wall injection molding machine?

First of all, when choosing high speed thin wall injection molding machine, do not blindly pursue quality or machine function. The selection method to strive for is to choose according to their own needs, because this machine has a very wide range of applications, and its products can be sold not only as plastic goods, but also as packaging materials, and even some raw materials or materials tools required for some industrial production. Therefore, when choosing high speed thin wall special injection molding machine, we should pay attention not to to blindly pursue the comprehensive function of the machine, but to combine with our own needs. ZOWEITE injection molding machine engineers will recommend the suitable machines and provide Turn-key projects according to customer’s production requirements.

What are the advantages of high speed thin wall injection molding machines?

The most obvious advantage of high speed thin wall injection molding machine is high pressure and high speed, customers can use the same cost raw material and low cost raw material to produce thin wall plastic products. Using injection molding machine can improve production efficiency and reduce production cost. ZOWEITE thin wall special injection molding machine adopts high-speed and low-pressure injection, single cylinder injection molding structure, compact structure and fast syringe speed. Low energy consumption and high efficiency; Multi axis linkage mold opening, material storage and demoulding are carried out at the same time, which greatly shortens the production cycle of thin-wall products and greatly improves the energy-saving effect of thin-wall injection molding machine. The energy-saving effect of optimized design makes the die locking structure, lubrication and oil circuit system of the machine more suitable for the production characteristics of long-term high-speed operation of the machine.

ZOWEITE have 30 years in injection molding machine industry , and is well known band in China. ZOWETE integrates production , sales and R&D to provide customers with high quality services in all aspects. Continuously innovate in technology, and put forward industry-specific injection molding schemes according to the needs of different customers to meet the requirements of customers for high efficiency, precision, energy conservation and environmental protection.

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