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Maintenance of injection molding machine barrel


1.When the temperature of the barrel of the injection molding machine does not reach the preset temperature, do not start the machine for the time being. Secondly, each kind of plastic has an ideal plasticizing processing temperature range. The processing temperature of the barrel should be controlled to make it close to this temperature range. In this way, the machine will not be started directly without reaching that temperature range, resulting in damage to the barrel screw.

2. Prevent metal fragments and sundries in plastics from falling into the hopper. If the horizontal injection molding machine is to process recycled materials, it needs to be equipped with a magnetic frame to prevent iron filings from entering the barrel. If iron filings enter the barrel, the whole barrel and screw may be scrapped.

3. In order to avoid damaging the parts of the transmission system when the screw retreats, it is necessary to make sure that the plastic in the barrel is completely melted when using anti salivation.

4. When processing and using new plastics, the remaining materials of the barrel should be completely cleaned.

5. When black spots or discoloration are found on the molten plastic and the temperature of the molten plastic is normal, check the rubber screw to see if the temperature is normal.

6. Avoid screw idling, slipping and other phenomena.

7. Prevent POM and PVC from mixing into the barrel at the same time, which will react at the melting temperature and cause serious industrial accidents.

8. When the injection molding machine is shut down for more than half an hour each time, it is best to close the blanking opening, clean the material in the barrel and set thermal insulation.

9. The screw speed should be adjusted properly. As some plastics are filled with reinforcing agents, such as glass fiber, minerals and other fillers, if the high speed injection molding machine uses a high speed when injecting these plastics, it will not only improve the shear force on the plastics, but also make the reinforcing produce more shredded fibers accordingly. The shredded fibers contain sharp ends, It greatly increases the wear force and shortens the service life of the screw.

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