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Special injection molding machine for oil drum


The special injection molding machine for oil drums is developmend for the more popular injection molding products in the market, and has a unique mechnical structure design for the products. This series of models adopts professional brands and is supplemented by hydraulic system and electrical systems. Its product performance is stable, and various engineering operations are simple. It is widely used in aerospace, high-speed rail,automotive electronics, urban construction, and people's livehood fields. 

Paint barrels, oil barrels and common packaging drums on the market are all injection molding products that are molded by injection molding machines at one time. According to the use and quality requirments of the products, new materials, recycled materials and modified fiber materials can be used, and they are appropriately added according to the process formula. Our company has launched a special injection molding machine for oilbarrels to produce a series of plastic barrels such as oil barrels, providing stable quality and reliable performance for maunfacturers of plastic products such as paint barrels, oil barrels, and liquid fertilizer barrels all over the country. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to market-oriented, continuous innovation, and actively developed domestic and foreign markets, and has won a good reputation in the injection molding industry. We not only provide injection molding machine technology, but also provide injection molding solutions to help customers gain an advantage in market competition. We pay attention to the specific needs of customers in different market segments, and launch industry-specific injection molding solutions to meet customers' requirements for high efficiency, precision, energy conservation and environmental protection.

The advantages and characteristics of the injection molding machine oil barrel compared with the iron barrel:
1. The material of the iron drum is steel, and the steel plate is required to be flat and uniform in thickness. Compared with the oil drum, it has excellent chemical resistance and process performance, but the probability of leakage is relatively large. The material of the oil drum is high-molecular plastic HDPP. Compared with steel, its advantages are light weight, low cost, waterproof and moisture-proof. Due to one-time injection molding, the probability of leakage is much lower than that of iron drums. With the improvement of adding and injection molding process, the barrier property, flexibility and impact resistance of the barrel body are also higher than that of steel, which is enough to bear the impact during the normal transportation of the packaging box.

2. Tietong’s manufacturing process involves relatively complex process technology, which requires sheet material uncoiling and leveling, welding edge processing, barrel body welding, barrel body flanging, barrel body length, roll packaging, barrel bottom cover forming and pre-rolling, Surface treatment, the inner surface is sprayed and the outer surface is sprayed with paint. The manufacturing of the oil drum is relatively simple, the surface printing treatment is relatively simple, and the appearance grade is relatively high. The production only requires one injection molding process, which greatly reduces the production cost.

3. The recycling and use of iron drums also requires returning to the furnace to make steel for recycling, while the oil drums only need to be broken and cleaned and then re-injected for use. The cost of recycling is much lower than that of iron drums.

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