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High-speed horizontal injection molding machine


The high-speed horizontal injection molding machine can complete the injection molding operation, but when the staff use it, they should also pay attention to the following points to ensure the safety of the production process and personal safety.

If the temperature of horizontal injection molding machine rises, it will still do great harm to us in this case. For example, it can deform the machine. Because if the thermal expansion coefficient of hydraulic parts is different, its clearance will also change accordingly, which may lead to system failure. The accuracy of the hydraulic system itself will naturally affect the transmission and reduce the quality of the high-speed horizontal injection molding machine.
The higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity of the oil. If this happens, all system functions of the food container injection molding machine will be degraded. Due to the decrease of viscosity, the wear degree of lubricating parts will be greatly improved, which will aggravate the wear. Too high a temperature can damage parts of the rubber structure. Because too high temperature will accelerate the aging speed of rubber, reduce the sealing performance, reduce the service life and cause leakage accidents. The high temperature may also be caused by pipe blockage.
Too high temperature brings many problems. Therefore, the staff must avoid this problem when dealing with it, and deal with it in time if it occurs. When you operate the machine at ordinary times, you also need to pay attention not to dismantle various safety devices. If there is any error or accident in the safety facilities, you need to shut down the machine. Before restarting the high-speed horizontal injection molding machine, you must ensure that the fault has been eliminated.
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