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Paint Bucket Injection Molding Machine

Paint Bucket Injection Molding Machine

Paint bucket injection molding machines are widely used in the manufacturing industry for producing paint containers and offer advantages like high production rates, precision, and the ability to produce large quantities of uniform and consistent paint buckets.

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Product Description

Today I would like to share our Paint bucket injection molding machine and mold information with you.

Paint bucket injection molding machine is for making lubricating oil buckets, fertilizer buckets, oil buckets, paint buckets, various material bucket, etc.

We supply turnkey projects to our customers, and we would like to recommend matched machine, mold with auxiliary equipment according to customers’ bucket details.

Such as:

Volume ml/L-weight g-diameter-type (round or rectangular)

1. Experience

ZOWEITE® has more than 30 years experiences in injection molding machine industry. Our partner bucket molds factory has more than 20 years experiences too.

2. Machine and mold

Our Paint bucket injection molding machine with special designed plasticizing screw and high efficiency of mixing colors.

Our machine with high precision, high response SERVO hydraulic system, high repeat accuracy.

Our machine with fast and stable injection quality, customers can use lower cost raw materials or same raw materials to form thinner products and improve profitability.

Our Paint bucket injection molding machine with synchronous demolding control, shortening the molding cycle and improve the production efficiency.

Our machine with increased election force, enlong ejection stroke make the machine suitable for production of deep cavity PET preform.

Our molds for Paint bucket injection molding machine with beryllium copper on the bottom and on the top edge of the bucket thus it would shorten the cycle time.

 We have IML molds for Paint bucket injection molding machine for customers’ choice.

Our special designed 600 ton two-platen injection molding machines are suitable for IML (in mold labeling) technology, the shortest cycle time is 18.6 seconds.

3.Auxiliary equipment


It could crush the defective goods of Paint bucket injection molding machine under the condition of maintenance, debugging, etc.

2)Air compressor

It could assist the paint bucket mold working.

3)Cooling tower

It could cool the whole Paint bucket injection molding machine and keep the machine running under good condition.

4)Auto loader

Auto loader connects to injection molding machine, hopper dryer and mixing machine and feeds the paint bucket injection molding machine production line.

5)Mixing machine

It mixes the color master batch to materials to meet customers’ requirement of the finished goods.


All the machines will be tested in our factory and loaded after customers' confirmation of the samples and testing video.

Customers can come to our factory for inspection or by video.

ZOWEITE® has rich experience for producing injection molding machines more than 30 years, we keep on innovating and updating our technology. We take meeting customers’ needs as first and always provide professional solutions & turnkey projects to customers based on their market and specific requirements.

Please feel free to contact us for further information about ZOWEITE® paint bucket injection molding machines. We also have basket machine, PET preform machine, high speed machine, 2 platen machine and standard machine. We will provide the best injection molding solutions according to your needs.

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